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Poem Reel 1 - Cecilia Woloch reads "Girl in a Truck"

in my travels this year, i'm working on a series of short video poem reels: poet-friends reading one of their poems, somewhere out in the world. i'm really pleased to have the first one up now: Cecilia Woloch with "Girl in a Truck" (filmed when I was in Los Angeles)

The poem is from Cecilia's collection, Carpathia, out with BOA Editions. 


A bit of frivolity - happy 14 juillet!

Not one of Chaplin's better films...but I really do like her hat.  

Memoir Workshop coming up in Paris

Autobiographical writing / generative memoir workshop Monday, May 2, 18h - 21h

Presented by authors Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold, this workshop is in partnership with Ivy Writers Paris, hosting a reading and discussion dedicated to the Poetic Memoir on May 3rd. Sign up and get details/price/location address via the contact page!

This workshop will explore our variegated ways of putting our selves—re-membering ourselves--onto the page. We will make use of old letters/emails/blog entries, journals, scrapbooks (if you desire), and the memories we often hide. 

Workshops coming up...

This spring in Paris, I'm leading three writing workshops with author Jennifer K. Dick--who is a good friend & who helped edit two of my poetry books. Both Jen and I have taught creative writing workshops in Europe and North America, and we're thrilled to have a chance to work together in our favourite city. We're looking forward to talking about your work, sharing methods we've used to hone our writing practice, and discuss the wonderful books we continue to learn from. So far, we have three workshops on offer, each different. Check out the details... And note the special deal: If you sign up for all three, you get a 15euro discount.

Le Chat Noir

Every now & then, I get to read at the long-running series,Spoken Word Paris. Though I can't click my heels and bring you to the downstairs "cave" of Le Chat Noir, I can offer you this link to the brand new Spoken Word Paris podcast --I am thrilled to be part of their first recording:!

Take a listen—it’s almost like being at the Chat Noir.

Forwards into 2016!

"Whenever the devil harasses you thus, seek the company of men, or drink more, or joke and talk nonsense, or do some other merry thing...” - Martin Luther, 1530. Now we are past the darkest days of winter and the light is growing--let's dance! The Martin Luther quote comes from this wonderful article about Little Richard in the Oxford American, written by David Ramsey. So, to spite the devil, here is Little Richard himself with 'Long Tall Sally'...

To make music more intensely...

What I did last night: I heard the news with horror & contacted friends to make sure they had reached safety.


What I did last night: I went to the theatre in New Orleans, to see a new play by Joseph Furnari and to hear Adelina Patti's repertoire gorgeously sung by Katherine McClain. 


Both performers reminded me that the creative life force of humanity is the only belief system I value. To put it more poetically, "This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than every before." --which is perhaps a quote from Leonard Bernstein. Whether he said exactly this or not, the words are a good torch to follow. 


I believe the only brave response to insanity is to say NO, I will not lock myself in my house & sandbag the doors...against the enemy, against the refugees, against the infidel. Because that will let them, and I do not care who they are, into my heart.

Art, defined

Everything you need for the Trans-Canada trip...

In the footsteps of...


I've always been fascinated by the tales of Marco Polo--part of the inspiration for my book Any Bright Horse! Recently I had the chance to walk along part of an old Silk Route in Armenia, near Yerevan. Eerie mountains on either side of a great valley... 

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