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If you live in North America, please do order them from your local bookshop--it's easy, and you get to talk with real live humans who like books! If you're in Paris, please drop by THE RED WHEELBARROW on 9 Rue de Médicis, near the Luxembourg Gardens--Penelope carries most of my books. You can also order my books directly from Alpine Book Peddlers,a wonderful indie distributor in the Rockies. And of course, my books are also available on Amazon, through links below. Thank you for reading!

The Riparian

a poetic narrative from Frontenac House (Calgary) 2017


'The Riparian is a dangerous shimmering chimeric space where “Things broken wash up.” “Did you expect,” a bartender asks, “a constant party here in the drowned city of the joyful damned?” Pasold strikes a meticulous balance between the hideous and the sublime...  a Trump-era epic, an x-ray of a city's grit and shit and sorrow. It is a song with a love story and thirty tragedies, overheard on a piano “dismantled, marooned / With the river washing through its exposed strings.”'  - John Wall Barger

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Any Bright Horse

a poetic narrative published by Frontenac House (Calgary) 2012 

ISBN 978-1-897181-55-3

'A testament to narrative possibility... a deceptively quick read that would miss Pasold’s subtle play of argument and narrative, which when fully teased out is surprisingly dynamic, as is her play between poetry and prose. The story is always on the move, a boat “slipping from its lines” and moving off in the distance, unmoored like language... Pasold identifies “our genius in dwelling within and yet without our own invented walls.” A similar thing might be said of any worthwhile poem.' - E Martin Nolan 

Nominated for the Governor General's Award for Poetry

Rats of Las Vegas

a novel published by Enfield & Wizenty (Winnipeg) 2009


'I cannot recommend the book enough. Poker, boxing, Las Vegas, those Depression-era details captured so well... what's not to love, I tell you? Nothing. It's all good. You ought to buy a copy, or steal one, or get it at the library, or go camp outside Lisa's house and buy a copy from her personally. Really, you should.' - Craig Davidson

A Bad Year for Journalists

a poetic narrative published by Frontenac House (Calgary) 2006​

ISBN 1-897181-01-9

'Pasold weaves disjointed memories, from rusty jeeps to lust to typewriters. A thrilling, amazing work.' - Bryan Evans

Nominated for an Alberta Book Prize


a poetic narrative published by Frontenac House (Calgary) 2004

ISBN 10: 0973238070

'The book fascinates on both narrative and lyric levels. Pasold never confuses feeling with sentiment, and she has a gift for memorable images which work together to form a poetic vocabulary. This book's a keeper, one you'll reread and read aloud.' - Harry Vandervlist

Nominated for an Alberta Book Prize

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