Lisa Pasold

Poetry Month!

Happy April! 

I'm heading to New Orleans this week for the 2018 New Orleans Poetry Festival - so many wonderful readings, poets, discussions... more info here: This year the festival is dedicated to the memory of the poet & editor Marthe Reed. In an interview with rob mclennan, Reed said: "What’s the writer’s role? I think we all have the same obligation, whether writers or artists or any otherwise: to make our choices conscious and explicit, informed and compassionate." Words to live by, and Marthe definitely did that.  

At an Ivy reading in Paris, I was lucky to cross paths with Carrie Chappell, who invited me to take part in her Verse of April project. Since 2015, Chappell has invited different poets to respond to their favourite poem throughout National Poetry Month. So here is my response to Agha Shahid Ali's magnificent ghazal, Tonight