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In mid-March, that pile of books (see above) was my hastily-assembled reading for the quarantine period. I'm still working my way through Dante & Shakespeare, and I haven't started a few of the novels yet. In a fit of organization, I decided to read the Bard's plays in the order they were first performed; that means I started with Henry VI, part 2. And it was great! I'm up to the year 1594 at the moment. I'm lucky to have a beautiful back porch where I can read, and the weather's been beautiful for my solitary socially-distanced walks around the neighbourhood. 

I've also started online/virtual walks through Paris. The first of these was FREE and took place on April 23rd with Classical Pursuits--I'll be going on a webinar stroll through Montmartre. And since it's virtual, we'll be stepping into Montmartre in the year 1910 - when these hilly streets of Paris were one of the great creative centers in the world—where Pablo Picasso has completed his shocking angular painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, but not yet exhibited the work. His friend, writer Apollinaire, is working on cubist poems and reporting on the recent high water flooding in Paris. And American Alice B. Toklas has just moved in with writer Gertrude Stein. New styles of painting and writing are all the rage in Paris 1910, and it seems, for a moment, as if everything is possible. 

I'm developing a series of podcast audio walks--if you're interested in those, send me a message here. 

"Critical, darkly funny and painstakingly lyrical" - The Globe and Mail

"As if we're reading notes scribbled by the expatriate freelance writer in a car bouncing along a dirt road in Kenya, or on a late-night intercontinental flight... Pasold's work is the poetic equivalent of living out of a suitcase." - The Toronto Star


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