Rebel Paris... 


I've spent the hot summer pandemic months in New Orleans--where the sunsets have been spectacular, as you can see above. But at my desk, I've been living & breathing historic Paris, working on the brand new Curious Minds series REBEL PARIS. We take a look at some of the fascinating rebels of the City of Light--and we talk about why Paris attracts people who think outside the box. More info here at Curious Minds  

I'm continuing to work on my podcast audio walks--if you're interested, check out my evolution as I learn how to podcast  I'm thrilled that the New Orleans musician David Symons has just recorded an accordion track for my opening music. Want to know more about what's going on? If you haven't already, please do subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date

"Critical, darkly funny and painstakingly lyrical" - The Globe and Mail

"As if we're reading notes scribbled by the expatriate freelance writer in a car bouncing along a dirt road in Kenya, or on a late-night intercontinental flight... Pasold's work is the poetic equivalent of living out of a suitcase." - The Toronto Star


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