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  • Lisa

Art Nouveau into Nouveau Paris

Improbable Walks, Season 4, Episode 2: In this episode, we stroll North in the 17th arrondissement, focusing on architecture. To begin, here's a map of the area, back in the day, and a painting of great Parisian landscape architect Adolphe Alphand. Next, here are some of my photos of the two beautiful Art Nouveau apartment buildings designed by René-Auguste Simonet, and the absolutely-brand-spanking-new Tour Unic by Yansong Ma. Next, a photo of Azerbaijani/Russian cellist & conductor Mstislav Rostropovitch, who spent his later life living in Paris, (1959 photo by Mikhail Ozerskiy.) And finally, here's a link to the famous November 1989 moment when he played to a tiny crowd to celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


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