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Impressionists in Clichy

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Improbable Walks, Season 3, Episode 4: Once upon a time, the Avenue de Clichy was the place to meet the great Impressionist painters. Why? Because this was the location of the famous CAFE GUERBOIS. In this episode, we check out the place where artist Edouard Manet used to buy his paint supplies, learn about Claude Monet's friends (and how they kept him alive), and stroll through the gorgeous little-known park of Batignolles. Photos: The Guerbois, by Edouard Manet; portrait of Manet, painted by his friend Henri Fantin-Latour; the former 19th-century art supply shop run by Monsieur Hennequin still has its beautiful advertising mosaic; Claude Monet's painting of Gare St. Lazare; when he wasn't painting sur-place, ie outside, in a train station, etc, Monet used to paint in Fred Bazille's studio. This is Bazille's painting of their atelier; the work is now in the Orsay (and I visited recently, just to say hello to some of my favourites.)

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