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I wrote my first radio play recently, and YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT FOR FREE, by clicking on the elevator picture below. The play is called NON-FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE and it features three people who are having a somewhat trying evening in my favourite Paris elevator. The photograph here is from the Bradbury Building in L.A., which stood in for the original Blade Runner elevator, which I like to visit when I'm in L.A. Because some buildings are sort of like friends.

I have a real love for the old wooden elevators, the kind with elaborate Art Nouveau grills and etched glass windows. Every now and then in Paris, you find one that is still operational & tremendously romantic... if a little grumbly.

Let me know what you think of NON-FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE. Assuming you enjoy it. If not, perhaps we can chat about something else. Paris, perhaps? Or your favourite elevator?

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