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Picasso on the rue des Grands Augustins

Improbable Walks, Season 3 Episode 2 : Picasso painted Guernica, the Delaunays hosted Apollinaire, and Louis XIII was crowned King of France right in the street, when he was just a child! The photos below show you the rue des Grands Augustins in 1910, as seen from the Quay during the Great Flood. Next, one of the famous mirrors in the restaurant Laperouse. The next row is dedicated to Grand Augustins' Artist Power Couple, Sonia & Robert Delaunay. Here is a photo of her in one of their apartments (not the Grands Augustins one, but not long afterwards); Robert's glorious Eiffel Tower, painted in 1910, and one of Sonia's jazz abstractions painted in 1967. Finally, we have a photo of Picasso working on Guernica (photo by Dora Maar, 1937--another, more complicated, artist couple) and a photo of the street at the intersection of Saint-Andre-des-Arts, taken by the great 19th century Paris photographer, Charles Marville. Meanwhile, I'll be at the teashop...


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