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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Improbable Walks, Season 1, Episode #5: While talking about historic bookshops LA MAISON DES AMIS DES LIVRES, run by Adrienne Monnier, and SHAKESPEARE & CO, run by Sylvia Beach, I want to emphasize that today's Paris bookshops need you! If you can't drop by in person (and these days, travel is so complicated, even to get across town) please consider dropping by these websites: The Red Wheelbarrow, run by erudite Canadian-in-Paris Penelope Fletcher, and Shakespeare & Co's new "friendship" page here: the tradition continues with Sylvia Beach Whitman, daughter of George Whitman. Below, a photo of Adrienne Monnier outside La Maison... A shot of James Joyce, Sylvia Beach, and Adrienne Monnier, at Shakespeare & Co in the 1920s, and a photo of Penelope in the window of The Red Wheelbarrow. Happy virtual wandering!

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