• Lisa

Reading the stars on rue Sauval

Improbable Walks, Season 3, Episode 6: Rue Sauval is a small street near the Louvre that's packed with history. We start with a photo of the Pinault Collection, with a melting sculpture that was part of the exhibition of Urs Fischer's work in 2021, and the base of the turret, with its elaborate plaque. This is the famed turret once used by Catherine de Medici's personal astrologer to watch the stars. Next, the view towards the Pinault, from the little old rue Sauval, a close-up of the street art on Sauval, and a photo of the "so dirty it's melting" corner fountain. Finally, a portrait of Louis XV, looking rather fine.

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Coming asap: photos from my recent wander through the Marché aux fleurs... just have to get the photos off my phone & the internet is not cooperating tonight. A demain!