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The University of La Nouvelle Vague

Improbable Walks, Season 4, Episode 4: In this episode, we start in front of the beautiful Sorbonne and walk down the single block of rue Champollion. Named for the man who first successfully translated Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, this street includes a movie theatre that's now an historical monument. Below, you can see an engraving of the 16th-century buildings of the Sorbonne University, and the main portrait we have for Champollion. Les Noctanbules is now a cinema (there are currently 3 on this single block!), while the wooden doorway shown in the historic photo gives you an idea of the entrance of the cabaret back when Max Jacob declaimed poetry there. If you're near the rue Champollion & looking for what artsy film to watch, the most reliable French film site for schedules & program notes is AlloCine


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