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  • Lisa

Virtual Walk: RUE DE BIEVRE, Paris

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Improbable Walks, Season 1, Episode #1: As a thank you to my newsletter readers--you! thank you!--I've created a free mini-walk about the wonderful medieval RUE DE BIEVRE on the Left Bank, with its view of Notre Dame. This mini-walk is an audio file--here

Below, photos of: a medieval map of Paris showing the "R DEBIEVRE"; the street plaque (old & new); Dante; Notre Dame just after last year's fire; the rue de BIEVRE; the St. Michael sculpture; the street; The Fountain of Diana in the Louvre; President Mitterand's former apartment door; the garden named for Danielle Mitterand; Danielle & the President at their front door (he had just been elected, 1981); the Place Maubert. Thanks for listening!


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